So here's what we've been up to, mentally and physically

Again I wait months before I reappear to post anything. Blame it on a busy schedule, or laziness, either way is fine. In the time that has lapsed since I last wrote anything I've developed quite a few ideas that I wanted to share. So here goes...

Recently I've noticed that I see faces and objects in almost everything. Actually this has been happening for quite some time, but I've just recently started to take photos of the things I see or make quick sketches of them. Here is my favorite, two whales that appeared in the oil I was preparing for pancakes.

And here is this gnarly tree Joe and I saw taking a hike a few weeks ago. There was something quite magical about it, and I mean that in all sincerity, not like a hippie.  I kinda thought it looked like something you'd see in a Tim Burton film. It looks like it has something to say, just open your mouth already!  

Some inspiration for baby shower decoration, found at a little cafe in Pacific Grove (near Monterey):

And finally, on a completely different note, we've taken to vacationing as much as possible before the bubs (which is what my friend in Australia calls the baby) comes. Three weeks ago we went to Carmel near Big Sur and Monterey to see the seal pups and their mommas and the following weekend we headed to Mendocino to hang out with some friends in a beautiful cabin on the cliff side. Here is Joe jumping on the bed in his excitement that we got to stay in a nice fancy hotel in Carmel:

A seal Joe aptly named "Orson Whales" 

Joe looking like a nice country boy at the Red Barn Cafe in Pacific Grove:

And our enthusiasm simply to be away from home for yet another beautiful weekend in Mendocino, I kinda look like I had a big lunch: