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As I descend into the world of babies and toddlers I've found myself recently infatuated with a kid's magazine that I cannot have. Honestly I haven't even held the magazine to see all the magical contents, yet I am smitten. If I were a 10yr old again, I'd be in heaven.

So without further ado: Anorak Magazine: The Happy Mag for Kids!

Here's the best inside peak I've been able to get: Book By Its Cover

This fabulous little magazine is out of the UK and available on amazon, for 53 bucks! Yikes. I'm sure I'll stumble upon it in some Bay Area bookstore eventually....

Poster Image: Anorak Magazine 2009

Til then I'll contemplate the meaning of the Wisdom Clouds.

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  1. Did you find out about Anorak Magazine through Rummy Bears? :)

  2. No I found it while searching for kid magazines for Austin's b-day gift. There's another one I found equally as interesting called Okido.
    Here is their "recipe" section, check out the bento box cat: http://www.okido.co.uk/blog.php/category/recipes

  3. So cool! I really like the miniature garden that the little girl made too with the pink pony. I smell a fun project that our niece will enjoy in the spring! :)