Valentine's Crafts

If you asked me about five years ago how I felt about Valentine's Day I'd let you know I wasn't impressed. Not that I didn't celebrate it, but I never felt like going all out. Well now, as the baby bug has hit me and I look at my husband with adoring eyes I feel the need not only to celebrate, but to decorate. So for today I'm highlighting some of my favorite v-day crafts.

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Papel Picado is one of my favorite forms of decoration. Maybe it's growing up in the southwest, but I find it absolutely beautiful. It's also not all that difficult to make. If you're me, you fold it up and make a haphazard design with scissors, but if you're a little more talented, then I suggest printing out your favorite design and placing it over the tissue paper. Then with an exacto knife you can "easily" (I say that with a chuckle), carve out your design. If you keep a small strip on the top intact you can glue string to your piece and hang it up.

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This is one for the kiddies. It's fairly simple and rather cute. A great little valentine for kids to make and take to school for their friends, or consume completely on their own. You can find the instructions here, because let's be honest, nobody does it better than Martha.


  1. Cool post! I love papel picado also; I saw a photo of a child's room recently (can't remember where or I'd share the link, but hopefully I come across it) that was painted clean white and decorated with bright just-off-primary colors of bedding and papel picado draped over the bed like a canopy. It was so pretty!

    "Easy" is totally laughable. It is certainly not easy to cut tissue paper with knife. I did it before in art class in high school and I distinctly remember taking my lunch in the art room for weeks to work in extra time to finish my project.

    I just watched Julie & Julia this weekend and include the Child's Valentine's Day over several years, so I too am more keen to do something for Valentine's day this year as opposed to years before where I was likewise unimpressed with the holiday. Oh, to have someone to actually be mushy over. :)

  2. I think Addy would really like the paper heart flowers with lollipop. Who doesn't love lollipops? Also has some amazing projects this year, for big and small! If only I had hours to sit and craft.

  3. I ate the flowers before realizing they were paper. Is that bad?