It's a boy! (and we're moving)

It's been a big few weeks for us. First we found out we're having a little man. Which is absolutely thrilling and I can't wait to squeeze his tiny toes! Second we realized we needed a bigger apartment for that little man to grow and run around in. So we found one and we're heading back to Oakland from our cute little place in Berkeley (which in all reality is only about 15min. away). 

That being said we are currently in the middle of moving and I've found I'd rather contemplate our new apartment and surroundings rather than actually move in. What can I say I'm pregnant and tired? 

In this contemplation process I've plotted out what to do with our quite large patio. It involves tons of DIY from Here are some of my favorites:

And in totally unrelated news we've just wrapped up our Art History Month at my work. We finished with learning about the Abstract Expressionists and did a little Jackson Pollock inspired marble painting has the easiest instructions on this simple and fun activity. My preschoolers absolutely LOVE marble painting.    

Happy Spring Everyone!

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